that stirs your soul

Our Mission

SOULSTIR is a social enterprise that exists to enrich lives as a premier creator of experiences that inspire empowerment and action.

Our Strategy

We harness the power of personal transformation and collaboration to enact positive social change through the experiences we create, strategic partnerships, and initiatives focused on sustainable and scalable social impact.

Our communities face complex interconnected challenges that can make us feel hopeless, overwhelmed, frustrated, and saddened; oftentimes resulting in inaction while opportunities exist to take action to address them. A catalyst is needed to spur action from within; one that stirs our soul….and that is what SOULSTIR provides.

Mike Brown, Founder and CEO of SOULSTIR

Our Experiences

We focus on creating soul-stirring experiences through our three divisions focused on books, shows, and social impact programs.

Notre Dame kids book




Everyone can make a difference

We believe everyone, independent of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, ability, age, or socio-economic status, can take action to affect positive change and make a difference in our communities.

There is power in our thoughts

We believe soul-stirring experiences directly connect with a person’s heart and mind and cause a shift in their thoughts.  Those thoughts then energize, influence, and promote the self-actualization that a person can and should take action to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

Teamwork makes the dream work

We believe large scale social impact and problem solving requires global reach, local relevance, and a collaborative approach; and strategic partnership are critical.